Sonata No. 1 for Oboe in Bb Major, Op. 57

My first priority is always to make arresting, beautiful, music. In service of this I have lately turned to classical structure refracted through a life-long obsession with rhythm and harmonic structure. The oboe has a rare ability as an instrument to be simultaneously lyrical, aggressive, romantically expressive, and ascetically distant. These dynamics exist in close proximity within this piece. The second movement is unlike anything I’ve ever written—a melancholic profile contorts through polyrhythmic multiplicity giving way to an existentially fatalistic expression of passion and fury while somehow maintaining the same facial expression.

This piece is dedicated to Megan Kyle—the overwhelming, once-in-a-lifetime good fortune to have her as a collaborator is only over-shadowed by the privilege of having her has a friend. Thank you Megan!

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